Using Boulders & Large Stones for Landscaping Projects

There are many ways to make a beautiful landscape even more so, and many more ways to make a not so nice landscape into a thing of beauty...
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Updated: June 17, 2024

There are many ways to make a beautiful landscape even more so, and many more ways to make a not-so-nice landscape into a thing of beauty. For many homeowners, stones and rock boulders represent a unique and cost-effective way to spruce up the landscape and provide an outlet for their creative talents.

There are of course many different ways to use stones in the landscape and many ways that these natural items can blend into the look of the home. From carefully placed landscaping stones to winding stone-lined pathways, stones can be used to enhance all aspects of the exterior.

Coralina Flagstone stones laid on the floor with black stones around

Coralina Flagstone

Stones Are Becoming More Popular in Landscaping

Stones can also be used with the increasingly popular water elements many landscapers are choosing to incorporate. Adding small stones to waterfalls, and using them to hide pond liners, pumps and other items used in the installation of the pond, is a great way to achieve a natural look while still providing the water with the movement and aeration it needs.

How Hardscapers Create Zen Gardens with Stones

Some homeowners and hardscapers are even choosing to create wonderful Zen gardens with the help of rocks, stones and landscaping boulders. These Zen rock gardens are the perfect places for the homeowner to relax and unwind after a hard day at work, and it is easy to see why they have become so popular in recent years.

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When working with stones and boulders landscaping it is of course helpful to plan the landscape rocks carefully before you begin moving  heavy material. Drawing the entire finished landscape, either with a pen and paper or with the help of a computer, can make it a lot easier to bring that dream landscape to life with a minimum of fuss and hassle.

oolite boulder

Oolite Stone Boulders. Commonly used for retaining walls, shoreline retention/restoration, and stone planters.

How to Landscape with Boulders – Using boulders in Landscaping

In the landscaping business, landscaping with stones is often referred to as hardscape, so you should be able to simply call your landscaping contractor and ask for help with your home or business’s hardscape design. Often the trained eye of a professional is just what is needed to bring these unique elements into the landscape and make them flow with the rest of the design.

Using your Budget to Help Determine Your Stone Landscape

It is helpful as well to consider a number of factors when determining how much stone you want to include in your landscape. One of the factors, of course, is your budget. Unless you have a landscape already teeming with attractive stones, chances are you will need to purchase the stones and boulders you use, either from a landscaping rocks supply house, garden center or direct from a quarry. It is important to work out a budget before you begin, and stick to it after you have started.

It is also important to think about how you want to use rocks and stones in your landscape. Some homeowners will choose to line only the driveway, or the area around the mailbox, with stones, while others may prefer to make more extensive use of stones, landscape boulders and rocks in the landscape. It is important to consider the nature of the existing landscape when adding stones as well.

Crab Orchid Pathway

Epic Stoneworks Crab Orchid Pathway

The type of environment that is desired should be considered as well. Some homeowners will prefer a simpler and more modest look and feel, others will be looking for a more rustic look, and still others will desire a modern appearance.

Bringing it All Together – Choosing Landscape Stones

After you have decided what type of look you desire, it is important to choose stones in the colors and sizes that will help you achieve that look. One of the great things about using stones in the landscape is that there are stones in virtually every color of the rainbow, and those colors can be used to enhance virtually any type of landscape. By making the right choices when you shop, and placing those stones carefully in the landscape, you can create a look you can be proud of. For additional information or help contact Epic Stoneworks today. Questions? Call 305-493-8562