Hemingway Flagstone Image

Hemmingway flagstone is a unique oolite coral stone composed of coral, seashells, and oceanic fossils. Each block is distinct, and no two blocks will have the exact same pattern or color. We call it ‘oolite’ because the special mineral formation causes the stone to form endless small rounded bubbles throughout, giving it a soft texture that remains cool in the Florida sun.

Epic Stoneworks quarries our Hemmingway flagstone right here on the South Florida coast. It reminds you of stately Old Florida construction – Florida residents have always built from the natural coral stone that forms our peninsula’s foundation. Embrace the natural benefits of this beautiful oceanic stone with Hemmingway flagstone blocks, paving stones, and beyond.

The Look and Feel of Hemmingway Flagstones

Hemmingway coral stone is creamy in appearance. Hemmingway flagstones are a warm sandy color reminiscent of white sand beaches and breathtaking coral stone caves. The sandy oolite texture provides excellent no-slip traction but feels smooth and a little bit sandy to the touch.

Hemmingway flagstone is known to be surprisingly cool in direct Florida sunlight, one of the many reasons it is favored as a structural stone and as coral stone pavers. Bare feet will be safe on Hemmingway paving stones, neither scorched nor scraped by the ocean’s gift to a seaside building. 

It can also be used as a breezy cladding stone to help reflect sunlight and, used correctly, may reduce overall cooling costs. Coral stone is also uniquely breezy, helping to keep the temperature down for both buildings and exterior structures.

Pros & Cons of Hemmingway Flagstone

Hemmingway flagstone has many benefits spotlighting its unique suitability to the Florida climate. Cool in the sunshine, not at all slippery when wet, and durable in the salty seaside air, Hemmingway flagstone is a long-term investment in your home, business, or landscaping. Quarried nearby, it is both a beautiful native stone and eco-friendly to transport. It is also important to know the grain of Hemmingway flagstone you desire – which determines the size and regularity of the oolite bubbles. Sealing your Hemmingway flagstone for outdoor installations will help discourage mold growth.

Best Uses for Hemmingway Flagstone in Florida

Paths and Patio Paving Stones

Hemmingway flagstone paving stones are uniquely cool and textured, making them comfortable in direct sunlight and non-slip when wet. In addition to their beauty, this makes Hemmingway stone a natural choice for paths, patios, and pavers. Many prefer Hemmingway paving stones for both residential and commercial patio designs.

Landscape Retaining Walls

Hemmingway coral stone is often used as paths and retaining walls in landscaping. Coral stone is a favorite choice for landscaping because of its highly durable nature in the seaside climate, which ensures your space will look beautiful no matter how many tropical storms blow through.

Block Walls for Outdoor Structures

Hemmingway flagstone is often used to make large block walls and breezy outdoor structures. Hemmingway block can make garden spaces feel like they were naturally formed, creating a Florida oasis that blends perfectly with the coral stone that makes up our beautiful peninsula.

Barefoot-Safe Poolside Pavers

If you are looking for the perfect pavers for a safe and beautiful pool design, Hemmingway flagstone is an excellent alternative to concrete. Enjoy a paver whose sandy texture is naturally non-slip and won’t scorch your feet no matter how much direct sunlight it soaks up.

Exterior Building Cladding

You can also clad buildings in Hemmingway coral stone, and many businesses have done so to reduce cooling costs and embrace the natural Florida look.

Shop the Best Selection of Hemmingway Flagstone Pavers in Florida

If you are looking for your best Hemmingway flagstone and natural Florida coral stone source, you have found it! Epic Stoneworks proudly quarries our coral stone along the southern Florida coast from our quarry in Florida City. We offer the best selection of Hemmingway flagstone blocks and pavers because we collect them directly to ensure our customers have the highest quality and widest variety of coral stones. Contact us today to learn more about Hemmingway flagstone for your home or business. We look forward to transforming your space with beautiful natural Florida stone.