Close Up of Crab Orchard Flagstone

How do you create those beautiful multi-colored paved patios with somehow perfectly irregular mosaics? For many, these dynamic patios and outdoor spaces are paved with Crab Orchard Flagstone. These paving stones have a beautiful blend of color, even from the same quarry, and give your outdoor paved spaces a stunning yet subtly dynamic design.

Just what is crab orchard flagstone, and how can you best incorporate it into your home’s design? Epic Stoneworks is glad to answer all of your questions and more.

The Look and Feel of Crab Orchard Flagstone

Crab Orchard paving stones provide the beauty of a mosaic space but with the gorgeous natural chaos of color tones that create its signature look. Mined in Tennessee quarries, there are two color families of Crab Orchard stone, gray and brown. 

But don’t let these understated color groups fool you. “Brown” crab orchard flagstones come in a full range of colors, from pale pink to bold orange to a deep and striking clay red. One slab with pieces from the same quarry site can boast a huge range of colors that form a stunning outdoor palette.

Crab orchard flagstones are also favored in wet or high-traffic areas because the natural stone texture provides a cool and rough stone feel and excellent traction for walking and lounging.

Pros & Cons of Crab Orchard Flagstone

With crab orchard flagstone, the pros definitely outweigh the few cons. Many people choose this stone for its beautiful natural color palette, but crab orchard has plenty of other winning qualities. This stone paver is durable in harsh weather conditions, adaptable to many different projects, and uniquely comfortable at large grains to enjoy by the pool. It is also considered easy to install and has the benefit of being locally sourced from quarries within the US.

Cons include a listed higher price-point and pallet-style purchasing. Most potential downsides of crab orchard flagstone are easily dealt with by working with your builder to get a good price, purchase just the right amount of stone, and the perfect color palette blend for your backyard vision.

Crab Orchard Flagstone Sidewalk

Best Uses for Crab Orchard Flagstone in Florida

Choosing the right outdoor stone in Florida is critical for its appearance, durability, and comfort under bare feet. Crab orchard flagstones are a great option as they are beautiful, durable, and comfortable when wet. Many Florida homeowners love their unique look.


Crab orchard flagstone is often used to create beautiful back patios and indoor-outdoor living spaces. Crab orchard patios transform any backyard space into an eye-catching, luxurious palette of beautiful mosaic stonework.

Poolside Pavement

If you’re looking for the perfect pool patio or poolside tile, you can’t go wrong with crab orchard. Many report that crab orchard flagstone provides great traction and is remarkably safe and comfortable to lounge on in the sun and walk over with wet feet. These reviews make it a great choice for poolside pavement, no matter your unique vision of patio design.

Stepping Stones and Pathways

Crab orchard flagstone is beautiful and highly durable, making it ideal for outdoor pathways or a fun hopping path of setting stones. Crab orchard paving stones bring a splash of color and creativity to any path you pave.

Garden Stairs and Retaining Walls

Of course, you’re not limited just to flat paving stone installations. You can also use crab orchard flagstone to enhance your garden with beautiful retaining walls and natural stairs that blend perfectly with the backyard oasis you are creating.

Outdoor Tile

Crab orchard stone is also a wonderful choice for outdoor tile, with small tiles forming a beautiful, naturally chaotic palette of grays or warm rose-to-orange hues.

Shop the Best Selection of Crab Orchard Flagstone in Florida

If you have your heart set on crab orchard flagstone for your Florida home, Epic Stoneworks would be honored to provide you with beautiful crab orchard flagstones and professional installation for your Florida home. They offer a wide range of paving stones and elegant tiles to bring your vision to life.

Whether you are craving the subtle and stately tones of gray crab orchard paving stones or the warm, natural chaos of brown crab orchard flagstone, Epic Stoneworks is here to help impress your guests for years to come. Discover the best selection of crab orchard flagstones in Florida; contact us today.

Image Source: AVN Photo Lab / Shutterstock