Ivory Travertine Pavers in Cutler Bay, FL

The first deposits of travertine were discovered in the Tiber river near ancient Rome. Travertine is a unique type of natural marble that forms when small bubbles of air slowly exit the stone, making travertine a porous stone known for its practical qualities and beautifully organic grain. Travertine pavers have been favored since ancient Rome for their durability, good traction, and stunning marblesque look. Come learn about Ivory Travertine in Cutler Bay, FL with Epic Stoneworks today!

Ivory travertine somehow achieves a timelessly classic and trendily modern look in cream, linen, beige, and soft browns. Ivory travertine pavers are excellent for indoor and outdoor designs, built to last, and never out of style.

The Look and Feel of Ivory Travertine Pavers

Ivory travertine pavers have a soft, smooth texture without being glossy, as the subtly porous texture gives them a creamier look and better traction when used for flooring and stepping stones. Many people have compared ivory travertine in appearance to white and ivory marble, but with a slightly fuzzier grain compared to marble’s traditional paint-like swirls.

Depending on the grain, ivory travertine may have some perceptible roughness where large pockets of air may have escaped, much like bubbles in a loaf of bread. Ivory travertine paving stones are more likely to have a rougher, high-traction texture than travertine tiles or countertops.

Pros & Cons of Ivory Travertine Pavers

What is there to love about ivory travertine? What should you watch out for when choosing the best ivory travertine paving stones for your home or garden? Let’s look at the pros and cons of travertine.


  • Natural Stone at a Better Price
    • Travertine is a durable, beautiful natural stone that rivals popularity with granite and marble but at a much more approachable price. Ivory travertine is an affordable and more durable way to get an ivory marble look.
  • Slip-Resistant Texture
    • Travertine is often celebrated for its non-slip texture, which is particularly important as Ivory travertine pavers make great poolside paving.
  • Highly Durable
    • Travertine is a very durable stone and is tough to damage. With regular sealing, you can count on ivory travertine to last decades.
  • Compliments or Replaces Marble
    • Ivory travertine is often used to achieve an ivory marble look at a fraction of the cost. It is also more practical for a high-traffic floor than marble and blends beautifully with marble columns, countertops, and other home features when ivory marble is the look.


  • Weight
    • Travertine is one of the heavier stones. Ivory travertine pavers require a strong sub-base no matter where they are installed.
  • Acid Sensitivity
    • Due to the molecular composition of travertine, it is sensitive to acids. Fortunately, regular sealing of interior travertine can protect it from damage or discoloration.

Best Uses for Ivory Travertine Pavers

Where are the best places to install ivory travertine paving stones? Paving stones are favored for outdoor projects, where your travertine will truly shine. Ivory travertine looks best when gleaming in the sunlight or dappled by cool shadows. You might pave an elegant patio or design a dynamic pathway through your arboreal backyard.

Elegant Patios

A patio paved in ivory travertine will remind your guests of ancient terraces overlooking peace and prosperity. Ivory travertine is durable versus high traffic and patio furniture and keeps its cream-colored good looks for years of outdoor exposure. Poolside patios are especially benefitted from travertine due to the low-slip texture.

Pavers that were Recently Installed

Modern Sidewalks

Whether you are paving a broad sidewalk or a winding garden path, travertine paving stones are a beautiful way to personalize the pavement on your property. Their high traction and durability make travertine a great choice for sidewalk design.

Inviting Stepping Stones

If you’d rather have playful stepping stones inviting guests to make small hops, or bold steps from one stone to the next, ivory travertine paving stones are as warm and inviting as they come. The warm hues and non-slip surface make it welcoming and safe to hop from stone to stone.

Landscaping Risers and Flower Beds

Lastly, never underestimate the power of natural stone in your landscaping design. Landscaping risers, tiers, and flower bed borders can all be done with a variety of ivory travertine paving stones and even artful remnant pieces.

Shop the Best Selection of Ivory Travertine Pavers in Florida

If you are seeking ivory travertine pavers to fulfill your renovation vision or would like to discuss travertine pavers with an expert, contact us today. Here at Epic Stoneworks, we care deeply about providing beautiful high-quality stone and bringing to life your vision of the perfect outcome. Contact us today to get a quote or consult on your building plans. 

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