Coralina Flagstone

Suggested applications include stone patios, walkways, pond rock, stone veneer, pool patios, and stacked stone walls.

18”- 36” Diameter / Thickness: ¾” and 1 ¾”
Sold by the square foot / Each pallet contains 160 sq ft

Flagstone is one of the first types of paving that humans invented, fitting thin irregular stones together to create roads, floors, and walls. Today, we find it nostalgically beautiful, a reminder of stone castles and more rustic times while still enjoying the smooth feeling of sun-warmed stone beneath our feet. In Florida, Coralina Flagstone is among the most popular types of beautiful flagstone paving because it is naturally attuned to oceanic (and poolside) environments and is created in our very oceans.

Coralina stone, or coral stone, is made when the sandstone of the ocean floor blends with the calcium deposits of living coral. Coralina flagstone is practical, beautiful, and in high demand for outdoor renovations. Epic Stoneworks can connect you with the best selection of beautiful Corlina flagstone based on your design vision and needs.

The Look and Feel of Coralina Flagstone

Coralina flagstone has a cream to golden hue. It provides subtle traction for your poolside or rainy patio but is softer beneath bare feet than poured concrete. Coral stone tends to have a swirling grain or ooid (small, round oval) patterning that gives it that soft texture and traction. Coralina flagstone is naturally irregular but can also be cut or broken to the right dimensions for pieces that fit together beautifully.

What Are the Different Types of Flagstone?

Flagstone can be cut and designed for many different purposes. These include

  • Floors and patios
  • Wall cladding or veneers and columns
  • Landscaping and pavers
  • Step stones

Coralina flagstones are beautiful, but you can also find flagstones in

  • Sandstone
  • Quartzite
  • Bluestone
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Slate

And several others. However, Coralina flagstones are native to South Florida beaches, producing an endless amount of coral and limestone-coral sedimentary rock known as coral stone below.

Flagstone Designs and Shapes

Flagstone pavers come in many different designs, shapes, and colors. Coralina flagstone tends to be all one color due to the nature of the coral stone, but you can also find a blend of cream, white, and gold from different deposits. Other types of flagstone will offer a flatter or more vivid blend of colors. Here is a list of some different types of flagstone;

  • Single Hue Flagstone
  • Multi-Hue Flagstones
  • Large Mosaic
  • Small Mosaic
  • Irregular Brick

You can design flagstone into mosaics, including larger pieces connected by smaller pieces, or seek a more uniform look with smaller pieces that fit more closely together. You can also find some flagstones cut into rough rectangles that look more like irregular bricks.

Benefits of Installing Coralina Flagstone

Coralina flagstone paving stones are a great choice for your patio and poolside for several reasons, including beauty, durability, and cool summer feet.

  • Natural Beauty: As humans, we love the look of pavers because they remind us of a more natural time. Coralina pavers are a natural part of beachside life because they are harvested nearby and look perfect with the natural landscape of South Florida.
  • Traction When Wet: Coral stone has great traction when wet. Its textured and chalky material makes it perfect for rainy climates and poolside patios because there is gentle traction even when the pavement is wet why Coralina flagstone has become a favorite for Florida poolside and backyard patios.
  • Cool Feet on Sunny Days: If you’re seeking the perfect patio tile that won’t scorch your feet, Coralina flagstones are a natural choice. The pale, porous stone reflects sunshine and has a softer texture that does not become a cooking surface in direct summer sunlight, so your bare feet are safe.
  • Extreme Climate Durability: Coralina flagstones are also quite durable, made from a sedimentary combination of natural limestone and coral calcium deposits. If you need a paver that can withstand serious temperature changes and harsh weather, Coralina flagstone pavers are a great choice.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Lastly, Coralina flagstone is easy to install, whether you’re paving a patio, landscaping, or cladding your home’s exterior. It is also easy to maintain with a simple hose and occasional sweeping or brushing to clear away any debris or dirt that tries to settle into the mortar lines.

Shop the Best Selection of Natural Stone Pavers in Florida

Here at Epic Stoneworks, we quarry our own coral stone right here in Florida, providing the best possible selection to our local buyers, builders, and homeowners. Coralina flagstone provides a beautiful selection of hues, shapes, and designs while you customize your outdoor (or indoor) space. 

If you’re looking to explore the possibilities of coralina flagstones and paving stones, contact us today. We look forward to consulting you on design ideas and the final result you hope to create. 

Image Credit to AVN Photo Lab / ThreeDiCube / Bespaliy