How to Clean Pavers & Paving Stones on Your Patio

Learn About The Proper Way to Clean Pavers
cleaning Paving Stones

Updated: March 14, 2024

Cleaning paving stones and paver patios goes a long way toward making your yard more appealing, so it’s worth dedicating your time and effort to eliminating the dirt build-up over the winter months. Read is entire guide with Epic Stoneworks!

It’s important to maintain your patio surface by keeping it clean and ready for elements that can ruin it. Spending time outdoors in the summer and spring months is fun, and it’s even better when you have a yard to be proud of.

Preparing Pavers for Cleaning

To make cleaning your pavers a breeze, you need to remove potted plants and furniture that stand in the way of cleaning the entire yard. Next, spray down the pavers using a high-pressure hose, but avoid a power washer. A high-pressure hose will prevent your pavers from collecting film and leaving a residue after cleaning.

Ensure you don’t soak your pavers completely. All you need is to eliminate the dust and dirt build-up. If you want to learn more, make sure to read About Us.

Properly Cleaning Pavers

Now, it’s time to make your pavers look brand new. It’s important to keep your pavers clean and ready for the weather. Here’s how to clean your pavers to keep them in the best condition possible.

Clear the Space

If you have potted plants, a grill, or furniture, it’s time to remove them from your patio. Place these items on your lawn or garage, so they don’t get in your way when cleaning. Ensure you don’t damage those items by keeping them in a safe place, away from the elements.

Tidy Any Vegetation

Weed can wreak havoc on your yard, so pulling up any weeds between the paver joints will bring back the beauty of the pavers. Also, make sure you use a non-wire stiff-bristle brush to remove any lichen or moss growing between the joints or the paver surface.

Get Your Pavers Wet

Before using any cleaning solution, wet down the pavers using plain water. After the entire space is wet, add a degreaser or dish soap to a bucket of water. Then, using a stiff brush, pour some soap and water on the pavers and start scrubbing. Clean gently, and don’t use a scouring pad or wire bristle brush.

Rinse And Repeat if Needed

Give your patio a good rinse using a garden hose with a nozzle attachment, and check if there are spots that need a deeper clean. Spray down to eliminate any grime lifted by your scrub brush. Don’t use a pressure washer because it can dig up joint sand when rinsing the pavers.

Look Over the Pavers

If you put sand in between your pavers, add more to retain its beauty. If you identify broken or damaged spots, contact a professional to replace those pavers and keep them in perfect shape.

Seal the Patio

After scrubbing the pavers, it’s time to add some sealant to your pavers. Use a sealant specifically made for pavers and apply at least two coats and give it time to dry in between each one.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Pavers

Although it may be tempting to use intense cleaning methods, here’s what to avoid when cleaning pavers:

  • Avoid using wire bristle scrubbing brushes because they can easily scratch your pavers and weaken the protective layer.
  • Use the right decorations: Pots, plants, and other decors can cause mildew growth and stains on your patio.
  • Avoid acidic cleaning solutions that can damage the seal and weaken your concrete pavers.

How Can I Keep My Pavers Clean?

Keeping your pavers clean will increase their lifespan and improve their appearance. Here are some tips to help you keep your pavers clean.

Develop a routine

If you want your pavers to stay clean, consistency is key. By developing a regular cleaning approach, you’re guaranteed that your pavers will remain in perfect shape. Blow off or sweep any accumulated branches, dirt, leaves, or mulch.

Clean up stains right away

If you leave stains such as grease, rust, or wine untreated, they will penetrate the surface of the paver and may be impossible to remove. Sealed pavers won’t allow stains to set and are easy to clean.

Adopt a paver maintenance schedule

Regular maintenance will keep your outdoor space looking great. Develop a maintenance schedule to keep your pavers looking new and last for decades. If you feel stuck, contact a professional from a paver installation company to help you keep your yard at its best.

Why Choose Epic Stoneworks for Natural Stone Pavers in South Florida

Epic Stoneworks guarantees a professional and friendly paver/stone supply and maintenance to suit your needs. We have the team, tools, and skills to handle the job, be it paver repair or supplying paving stones, coral stones, veneers, block walls, and beach pebbles.

Natural Stone Paver Supply Near Miami

Now that you know how to maintain your pavers, it’s time to look for a professional service to help keep your yard in top shape. At Epic Stonework’s, we’ve worked with several clients to maintain their pavers and supply high-quality materials that will get the work done. Contact us today and request a free estimate.


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