We carry an extensive collection of hand sorted beach pebbles from around the globe. These beach pebbles and river rocks will provide a great look for any garden project.

Mexican Beach Pebble

Mexican Beach Pebble

Our smooth Mexican beach pebble provides you with your greatest asset to your next pond or garden project. Our authentic beach pebbles give your landscape project that finished look described only as a visual indulgence. Not only do we provide the best prices, but also continue to sustain the best quality.

Polished Black Pebble sold here at Epic Stoneworks, South Florida

Polished Black Pebble​

Our polished black beach pebble is a look that melts into your eyes. This river rock will soak up the sun in your garden and will compliment almost anything. The smoothness of this pond pebble is a texture that is a benefit to not take for granted. Imported from China.

Polished Red Pebble

Polished Red Pebble​​

Our red, beach pebble is a polished perfection. It gives our customer an even more glossed eye view, to the point that you can see your own reflection.


Tiger Stripe Polished

The tiger-stripe, polished stone sounds exactly how it looks. If you’re striving for that exotic look to add to your next project, then you have found your match. This polished pebble gives your garden the alluring look it needs.

St.-Lucia-White sold here at Epic Stoneworks, South Florida

St. Lucia White

The St. Lucia White beach pebbles are a type of stone that gives our polished pebbles a competition to fight for. This beach stone is a sight that is appreciated over time, something that other pebbles can’t say. The St. Lucia White river rock accommodates any outdoor setting. It may not be the shining center piece of your yard, but it sure will be the piece that takes your project to the next level.

sunrise pebbles

Sunrise Pebble

The Sunrise beach pebble is similar to the sunset seen here in Miami. This beach pebble provides a subtle radiance that will be a sight to see in any pond or garden. Straight from Indonesia, this salmon colored stone gives your home project a touch of authenticity that it needs.

Epic Stoneworks showcasing beach pebbles added to a home's yard in south Florida

Why We Love Beach Pebbles for Homes in Miami & South Florida

Your backyard beautification project won’t be complete without attention to the little details. You may spend a lot of your time designing the space and taking care of the large, important structures first, but this doesn’t mean ignoring the details that help you reach your goal of a polished end product. A great way to fill in space while making the area more attractive at the same time is through the strategic use of beach pebbles.

Beach pebbles are a good match for any landscape project in South Florida because they are streamlined enough for a modern space and natural enough for a more freeform design. They can be used as an attractive way to fill in gaps or define entertainment spaces. With the variety of beach pebbles available, finding the perfect type for your project can be tricky. Paying attention to the texture, color, and size of the pebbles and enlisting the assistance of someone knowledgeable about yard design can help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams. 

What Projects Should Be Considered For Beach Pebbles? 

Any type of landscaping project can benefit from the use of beach pebbles in the design. Loose beach pebbles are commonly used for pathways and in gardens instead of mulch, pine straw, or gravel. This creates an upscale look for your outdoor space. In Miami we also often see Beach pebbles incorporated into solid paths using concrete, resulting in beautiful additions to fountains and decorative ponds. Due to the smooth nature of beach pebbles, you can walk across them in bare feet. South Florida homeowners with pools often use beach pebbles as part of the yard design surrounding the pool deck since beach pebbles are less likely to be displaced in the pool when compared to pea gravel or mulch.

Color Variety of Beach Pebbles & Stones

Although synthetic beach pebbles can be found in various colors, authentic beach pebbles are popular because they are found naturally and blend well with most landscape designs, especially in Miami and the rest of South Florida. Mexican beach pebbles are a common selection because they are a neutral gray with subtle variations that work well with other design elements. St. Lucia white river rock or solid black beach pebbles still provide a neutral look but stand out more against other design elements. For a pop of color, go with red pebbles or try the subtle salmon color of sunrise pebbles. Tigerstripe polished pebbles offer one of the most exotic and unique options. 

Texture Variety of Different Pebbles

Your color choice isn’t the only selection to make when designing your space using beach pebbles. Different varieties of beach pebbles are finished with different textures. Some stones, such as Mexican beach pebbles, are smooth and have been polished by natural means. Polished beach pebbles are sent through additional processing to give them a shiny texture. Pebbles that have been highly polished keep their shine longer, even when constantly exposed to the elements. 

Beach Pebbles For Your South Florida Landscape Project

Whether you need help selecting the perfect pebble variety for your project or know exactly what you want and need help ordering the correct amount, Epic Stoneworks can help you with all of your landscaping needs. Beach pebbles make a great addition to nearly any landscape design project due to their versatility and attractiveness. For more information about the available options or to learn more about how to incorporate beach pebbles into your design, contact Epic Stoneworks today. 

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