Natural Coral Stone Miami, FL

side of building made with Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Our Hemingway stone emits a shining white light across your house’s landscape.

A wall built of Oolite Veneer

Oolite Veneer

The oolite veneer delivers a natural look for your landscapes walls. With its porous quality, our oolite is sure to provide your project with a stand out feature.

Natural coral stone is an exquisitely beautiful, long-lasting, and versatile material that has been around for centuries. It can be spotted in architectural designs and applications across the world. At Epic Stoneworks, we offer clients the best quality stones from quarries around the world. No matter your application, we’re committed to providing you with the finest products in the industry.

What is Coral Stone? Or Calypso Stone

Coral stone, otherwise known as Calypso Stone, is a natural material formed over thousands of years. What was once the skeletons of coral polyps, these lovely stones develop into a vast array of colors that can be used in architectural design and landscaping. As the stone is formed, a variety of factors, including environmental conditions, mineral impurities, and the species of coral, determine its color. Typical shades of coral stone include red, pink, orange, brown, black, and blue. The end result: a magnificent and long-lasting stone that can be incorporated into a wide range of building projects.

Epic StoneWorks is the leading purveyor in Florida of Mexican Beach Pebbles, Coral Stone, and Oolite.

Only the Finest Natural Calypso Stone

Coral stone is a natural material that’s found in quarries and extracted by mining teams. Its beautiful color, sheen, and strength make calypso stone a highly sought-after prize for building and landscaping projects across the globe. At Epic Stoneworks, we are the region’s top supplier of natural coral stone. We source products from domestic and international stone quarries to ensure that our clients get the best quality products in the world. We also produce local Oolite stone here, at our quarry in South Florida.

Popular Uses for Coral Stone

Natural coral stone has been used in construction and architectural design for centuries thanks to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Its use around the South Florida area is prevalent in everything from walls to landscaping.

Coral Stone Walls

Calypso Stone develops deep in the ocean. Because of this, it’s naturally able to withstand exposure to Florida’s salty air and water. It’s an excellent building material for walls and other construction projects thanks to its durability and long-lasting design. A coral stone wall, when maintained properly, will last for centuries and look just as magnificent as the day it was built. This natural element is an eco-friendly building material that has been proven to stand the test of time.

Coral Stone in Landscaping

Natural coral stone is often used in landscaping design due to its aesthetic appeal, natural charm, and durable design. Each coral fossil stone is produced deep in the ocean over many years, which results in a luxurious material that’s lovely to look at and incredibly strong. Each stone paver is completely unique and composed of hollow cavities, fossils, and silky streaks of color. Coral stone pavers offer many benefits in construction and design. They are:

Sustainable and eco-friendly building materials

Heat and moisture-resistant

Easy to maintain

Long-lasting and durable

Aesthetically pleasing

Epic Stoneworks provides high-quality natural calypso stone for home and landscaping projects in South Florida.

Shop for Natural Coral Stone in South Florida

Natural coral stone is a durable and eco-friendly building material that is versatile enough to use in a variety of applications. Aside from its durability and long-lasting design, natural coral stone adds luxury and charm to every build. Whether you’re looking to build a new pool deck or an architectural stone wall, it’s the best material for the job. Epic Stoneworks sources the highest quality calypso stone from around the world in order to provide customers with the best products on the market. If you’d like to learn more about natural coral stone and how you can apply it to your home renovation or building project, we’d be honored to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.