Our Selection of Mexican Beach Pebbles

Epic Stoneworks Mexican Beach Pebbles are top quality, authentic Mexican beach pebbles, smoothed and rounded by the force and tumble of the sea’s waves. Each stone is unique in shape and color, as each stone is taken and kept in its natural state. We offer a variety of Mexican beach pebbles in different sizes and styles which are perfect for all types of backyard and landscaping projects, instantly adding a relaxed, seaside feel to any deign. 

Available Sizes of Mexican Beach Pebbles

  • ½”-1”, 1”- 22”, 2”- 3”, 3”- 5”, 5”- 7” and 8”-12”
  • Depth Constant at 2″

Mexican beach pebble applications

There are countless uses for these high-quality Mexican beach pebbles. One popular use is large scale commercial or residential landscaping projects. Many people use these pebbles to cover a walkway or a driveway, or to frame the edges of a building. Their smooth texture makes them ideal for spaces that people will walk or drive over and their durable nature will ensure that they stand the test of time, even underneath the weight of a vehicle.

Alternatively, you may be considering a smaller scale project that doesn’t require quite so many stones. They are perfect for filling planters and flower beds.

Whatever your use for these Mexican Beach Pebbles, we’ll be able to provide you with as few or as many as you need. Feel free to message us for pricing on larger, bulk orders.

Our Favorite Uses for Mexican Beach PebbleS

In Florida, there are several beautiful and useful ways to design your landscape with Mexican beach pebbles. Considering our rainy climate, pebbles provide good traction when wet and excellent drainage by filtering water through the rocks and provide a great beach aesthetic for your home.


Pathways and Dividers

Mexican beach pebbles are a popular pathway choice because they provide good traction. Elegant and dark gray, they stand out when lined against other landscaping features, which also helps to keep your paths well-defined.


Pool Decks and Manmade Beaches

Beach pebbles also make a great choice for areas of pool decks and manmade beaches. They are comfortable walking barefoot and provide excellent water drainage without becoming too slippery when wet.


Xeriscaped Yards and Flower Beds

Mexican beach pebbles are often used as weighted and elegant ground cover in flower beds, and larger xeriscaped (lawn-free) areas where the grass is not ideal. They also look great over a weed shield, holding down the fabric and offering complete, attractive ground cover.


Pebble Creeks and Drainage Channels

Since they are water permeable without causing a pool, Mexican beach pebbles make excellent pebble creeks and drainage channels (often the same) for a lovely yard feature that helps prevent backyard flooding during heavy rains. Add a little wooden bridge and a charmingly flood-resistant backyard or corporate landscaping feature.


Pond Beds and Water Features

Beach pebbles, also known as river stones, are a popular choice for water features like mini waterfalls or lining the bottom of a fountain, or you can use them for the bottom of a little manmade pond.


This is by far our most popular stone – and for good reason. Not only do our Mexican beach pebbles look appealing, but they are easy to work with and incorporate into projects. They require minimal effort in terms of installation and they require minimal maintenance as time goes by. Learn some great tips on how to use our Beach Pebbles for you next garden project over on our Epic Blog.
  • Authentic Mexican Beach Pebbles
  • Naturally Tumbled By the Sea
  • Smooth Surface and Edges
  • Ideal for Small and Large Projects
  • Great for Driveways and Walkways
grey and blue Mexican Beach Pebbles


Mexican beach pebbles are rounded gray (or mixed gray and beige) stones that many consider “river rocks.” Smooth but unpolished, these stones are weighted, elegant, and typically uniform in color. They are heavy enough to not blow away in windy areas but not too large. Larger grade pebbles are about the size of the palm of your hand, while smaller grades roughly fit three to five pebbles in your palm when all are lying flat without any overlap.
Mexican beach pebbles are smooth in appearance and slightly rough to the touch, which provides superior traction compared to polished river stones. They tend to be slightly flat and rounded, like a good skipping stone, and provide stability for walking paths or often-traversed gardens.


Epic Stoneworks is proud to provide a beautiful selection of Mexican beach pebbles in classic gray and cheerful color blends to suit the needs of your landscaping project. 

Whether landscaping commercial grounds with walkable lawn-free spaces or designing the perfect little bridged drainage creek through your home property, you will find what you need among our beach pebble options.
Contact us today to learn more or to arrange for the pebbles your landscaping needs.