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Beach Pebbles vs Polished Beach Pebbles- A Quick Rundown.

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A quick primer on the difference between Mexican beach pebble and polished beach pebble.
Mexican Beach Pebble

Many of our clients have asked us over the years the following question: Will polished beach pebbles lose their shine over time? Our answer: It depends! There are currently two grades of polished beach pebble that we typically sell, and see our competitors sell. The most economical polished beach pebble when installed in direct sunlight will start to lose its’ sheen within a year. However, you can always install them in shaded areas or in an interior application, and they will hold their shine longer.

Another option is to purchase high polished beach pebbles. These beach pebbles have been in the polishing tumbler for a longer time than the regular polished pebble. This longer process can take up to four weeks, and involves the use of several grades of tumbling grit. The finished product is a shiny beach pebble that can withstand longer exposure to the elements. These high polished beach pebbles will last longer than their “regular polished” counterparts; but some fading will eventually occur. The degree and speed of this will depend on the where they are installed.

Regular Polished Beach Pebbles

This brings us to our Mexican Beach Pebble. This stone has been tumbled by mother nature into a smooth and consistent oval shape. No tumbling grits or chemicals are added in the process; just thousands of years with waves crashing down on them and they are ready to go. No maintenance, no fading, but no shine either. Whichever beach pebble you choose, keep in mind that there will be trade offs. The polished beach pebbles will require maintenance to stay shiny, and the non-polished beach pebbles will not. However, when installed they will all provide a clean and elegant pose in your gardens.

Non-polished Mexican Beach Pebble in the garden.


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