Coralina stone tile flooring

Cutler Bay is one of the world’s best sources of Coralina tile and pavers. The coral that grows beneath our waves becomes part of a beautiful sediment stone made from coral dust, ocean fossils, and limestone. Coralina stone is porous and cool even in the sunshine, with a beautifully creamy range of colors and textures.

Coralina stone is not just a Miami design trend; it’s a local resource that rewards you for adapting to local materials. Whether retiling your kitchen, paving your poolside, or building a palatial patio, you can find the perfect coralina tile or paver.

The Look and Feel of Coralina Tile & Pavers

The origins of coralina tile are a complex limestone sedimentary rock. On the ocean floor, coral, shells, fossils, coral sand, and limestone compress into a natural stone. Coralina, often called a coral stone, looks like a beautiful, creamy tile with the soft texture of porous stone. Fine coralina tiles feel smooth to the touch but rarely cold. The roughest grade of coralina is known as fossil-bearing, and you may see fossils in walls or large pavers of coralina tile and pavers.

Coralina ranges in color from creamy white to frothy marigold. Coralina tiles tend to be all one color, but with elegant and subtle variations seen as changes in shadow and gentle hue. Coralina looks best when placed next to tiles from the same slab.

Pros & Cons of Coralina Tile & Pavers

Pros of Coralina Stone Tiles

  • Cool in the Sunshine
  • Highly Durable
  • Locally Natural Stone
  • Cream-Palette Colors
  • Cool in the Sunshine
  • Good Traction
  • Easy to Install

There are many benefits to choosing coralina tiles. If oceanic fossils aren’t enough, coralina has a beautiful color range and a soft texture in most grains. It does not overheat in the sunshine and provides good traction when wet. Indoors, coralina stone tile can make a warm and enriching environment, while coralina stone pavers are used in many ways, from cladding to patios to landscaping.

Cons of Coralina Stone Tiles

  • Porous Stone Maintenance
  • Stone Weighted

There are very few downsides to coralina tile. When these tiles are used indoors, the porous stone may need to be sealed or require maintenance. Natural stone tiles are also heavier than most manufactured tiles.

New Home with Beautiful New Tile

Best Uses for Coralina Stone Tile & Pavers

Coralina tile and pavers in Cutler Bay are an attractive solution to many designs. You can use coralina tiles and pavers for everything from stone staircases to artistic mosaics, but there are a few things that Cutler Bay’s natural coral stone does best in home design.

Kitchens and Outdoor Kitchens

Coralina tile makes beautiful and modern Miami kitchens. Limestone makes wonderful kitchen countertops and backsplashes, and it’s also durable enough for outdoor kitchens. Coralina tile can beautifully unify spaces with a creamy texture and on-trend honey hues.

Stone Patios and Stair Cladding

Coralina is also a popular choice for cladding. Naturally suited to Florida’s climate, it makes elegant cladding for stairs and stone patios. And coralina pavers are also cooler than most tiles when under direct sunlight, saving your feet from scorching.

Poolside Paving

Coralina’s porous texture isn’t just cooling in the summer. It can also provide subtle traction, even when wet, making coralina tile and pavers ideal for the poolside, reducing the risk of slips or torn-up feet compared to concrete pavement.

Landscaping and Sidewalks

You can also use coralina stone tile paving stones instead of concrete for beautifully carved sidewalks and pathways through your landscaping, retaining walls, and flower beds. Coralina sidewalks have a warm glow that highlights beautiful landscaping designs.

Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Coralina tiles are popular in Miami luxury bathroom remodels because they are great by the pool. The smooth texture, traction, and drying porous composition make these a good choice for shower enclosures, tile countertops, and completely stone-clad bathroom designs in cream and gold tones.

Solariums and Mud Rooms

Coralina tile and pavers are also great for solariums, enclosed patios, and mud rooms. Durable and easy to clean, these tiles are a good choice for gardening spaces and indoor-outdoor design.

Shop the Best Selection of Coralina Stone Tile & Pavers in Florida

Coralina stone tile and pavers are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only are they durable, versatile, and beautiful, but they are also quarried nearby and celebrate the natural landscape created by the coral that grows near Cutler Bay. Epic Stoneworks quarries our coralina stone, and we can help you find the perfect color and texture and even learn how to spot the oceanic coral, shells, and fossils that can sometimes be seen.

Contact us to learn more about coralina tile and pavers in Cutler Bay. 

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