St Lucia White Beach Pebbles

St Lucia is a beautiful island in the Caribbean known for pure white beaches and beach pebbles. St Lucia white beach pebbles are unique because they are nearly free of variations or imperfections. St Lucia stones are so perfectly white that they appear spun from sugar. Your garden will gleam with softly reflected light.

Collected from breathtaking beaches, you can bring the Caribbean to you with St Lucia white beach pebbles in your garden landscaping and stone works of art. Epic Stoneworks is proud to bring the finest white pebbles to Cutler Bay residents. Get in touch with our team today to place an order for these stunning white pebbles today, or to learn more about our selection of different types of beach pebbles.

The Look and Feel of White Beach Pebbles

St Lucia pebbles have a soft, gentle appearance for the purity of their color. The surface of the stones is just textured enough that the brilliance of the white hue is not blinding. These pebbles have been compared to eggs and pure sugar candy because they are as close to perfectly white as natural stone can be.

St Lucia’s white beach pebbles are bright white with a light touch of gray. Most are unflawed without veins or grain but have a nice weight in hand. Each beach pebble is between one and four inches around, ranging from egg-shaped to obloids. St Lucia pebbles are often sliced into mosaics and cladding stone for interior projects.

Benefits of Using White Beach Pebbles

White beach pebbles are brilliant, consistent, and gorgeous. Of course, every stone has pros and cons when considered for different projects.

  • Pure white color with a soft natural texture
  • Great ground cover, protecting the integrity of your garden beds and planters
  • Beautiful for landscaping projects
  • Good traction for walking over
  • Perfect contrast with colorful plants, stones, or mulch

Best Uses for St. Lucia White Beach Pebbles in Florida

What are the best uses for white beach pebbles? Due to their pure white color and perfect formation, St Lucia pebbles are beautiful indoors and outdoors as ground cover or pathways.

Landscaping Ground Cover

All beach pebbles make fantastic ground cover, especially in Florida, where wind speeds can become intense. White beach pebbles create a striking look for pathways and outdoor areas that do not have grass or ground cover plants. St Lucia beach pebbles have good traction when walked over but are often favored for untouched landscaped spaces.

Epic Stoneworks showcasing beach pebbles added to a home's yard in south Florida

Flowerbeds and Planters

St Lucia white beach pebbles also look stunning when used to protect the roots of your plants in flowerbeds and planters. They are excellent at defining space with a clear contrast at the edge of white pebble borders.

Indoor Beach Pebbles

If there is a place where you would like pebbles pooled inside your home, white pebbles look more fresh and clean than most natural stone pebbles at a price more affordable than typical indoor stones. Perfect for bowls of pebbles and indoor plants.

Pool Decks and Pathways

Walking paths also look brilliant when lined with these glowing white pebbles. White beach pebbles are perfect if you want a natural pool deck or path that stands out. 

Shop the Best Selection of White Beach Pebbles in Florida

If you have fallen in love with these natural stones that look like they’ve been spun from sugar, you can find the finest quality of St Lucia white beach pebbles with Epic Stoneworks. Find out about our St. Lucia White Beach Pebbles, as well as our full selection of different beach pebbles available for purchase. Contact us today!