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Coral rock with its bright gorgeous textures - our Hemingway and Oolite Veneer is stunning. Custom cut, details below.

Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Our Hemingway stone emits a shining white light across your house’s landscape.

  • Available only by a custom cut
  • Please give us a call today to start your order
Oolite Veneer

Oolite Veneer

The oolite veneer delivers a natural look for your landscapes walls. With its porous quality, our oolite is sure to provide your project with a stand out feature.

  • This stone is available only through custom cut
  • Drop us a line today and place your order

Epic StoneWorks is the leading purveyor in Florida of Mexican Beach Pebbles, Coral Stone, and Oolite.