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5 EPIC Ways to Transform Your Landscaping with a Coastal Beach Vibe

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Create a coastal vibe for your garden...
beach ideas for your home

Do you ever long for the hot days of summer lazing at the beach with sand in your toes and sun on your skin? What if you could conjure up that same feeling throughout the year by merely tweaking your landscaping? A growing number of homeowners are opting for a coastal beach vibe for their home’s exterior. If you think the idea of a relaxing outdoor space reminiscent of days at the beach is perfect for your home, check out five unique ways to make the beach landscaping look your own.


If you want your yard to remind you of time spent at the beach, why not create a winding walkway in your yard bordered by lavender and gorgeous grasses. Place a couple of beach-style chairs at the end of your walkway and a small table for hold wine glasses or a plate of late-night nibbles. When you work with a landscaping professional, they can help you design the curvature of your walkway, haul and distribute the gravel for your pathway, and plant the lavender and grasses too. Can you say beach memories made easy?

Tiger Striped Polished perfect for that beach effect. Epic Stoneworks, South Florida.


If you spend many of your lazy summer days crawling over large rocks and scrambling for the best vantage point to enjoy the spray of ocean waves crashing into shore, then you can replicate memories of rock-covered beaches by building a multi-level stone landscape in your yard. A professional landscaper can help you create a design that includes everything from large boulders and retaining walls to shrubbery and sun-resistant plants.


Updating your patio or sun deck is a terrific way to bring a beach vibe to your home. Suspend comfortable swinging beach chairs to your gazebo or pergola, and you’ll feel like you’re a kid again. Memories of summers spent at the beach swinging on a swing set will come flooding back to you, yet you’ll be an adult enjoying your updated patio/deck. Be sure to test the weight load of any surface where you plan to attach swinging chairs.

Polished Red Pebble. Epic Stoneworks, South Florida


Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space is another excellent way to add a beachy vibe to your landscaping. Work with a top-quality landscape architect to design a fire pit and seating that matches the look of your home, but still brings a coastal feeling to your yard. Accompanied by the right outdoor lighting, your new fire pit zone will soon become your favorite spot to enjoy stargazing on warm evenings.

Mexican Beach Pebble
The classic Mexican Beach Pebble. Perfect for that beach effect.


If a significant landscape update isn’t currently within your budget, consider adding a beach vibe to your outdoor space by using plants that remind you of time spent at the beach. A potted palm plant and a couple of Adirondack chairs are all you need to inspire daydreams of ocean breezes and sun-kissed toes. Whether there is a pitcher of margaritas included in your real-life fantasy is up to you! #SummerDreaming

These are just a few of many ways you can add a coastal beach vibe to your landscape. Think about the things that remind you of time spent at the beach, and then incorporate those ideas into your front yard or backyard. Pretty soon you’ll be tossing on the flip-flops and breaking out the sunhat while slathering sunscreen on your nose!

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