Mexican Beach Rock Pebble Landscaping Ideas for South West Florida

Knowing the Best Approach to Landscaping Projects Can be Tough. Let us Help You Learn How to Utilize Mexican Beach Pebbles in Your Next Landscaping Project.
Using beach pebbles in your next garden project South Florida

Updated: March 4, 2024

Planning Your Next Landscaping Project With Mexican Beach Pebbles

When you’re planning a landscaping project, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you or need to think about. One great option for yard design, South Florida homes is beach pebbles. These beautifully polished stones have been in the polishing tumbler for much longer than other polished beach pebbles. There are many different types of beach pebbles as well as many uses for beach pebbles, and because they last longer, they are fast becoming a popular choice for many people creating a new landscape. 

What are Mexican Beach Pebbles? Or Mexican Beach Rocks

This brings us to one of the most sought after and creme-de-la-creme choices of beach pebbles, Mexican beach pebbles. With these high-end pebbles you’re guaranteed an elegant look, that is completely smooth. The pebbles are sourced on the beaches of Mexico, and they are physically picked by hand. It is outlawed in Mexico for any form of machinery to be on the beaches. This is to help protect the ecosystem and to create more jobs in remote coastal areas. 


Mexican Beach Pebbles are sourced on the beaches of Mexico

How You CAN Use MEXICAN Beach Pebbles In Your Landscaping 

Beach pebbles, especially Mexican beach pebble rock, are perfect for landscaping in areas where people may walk barefooted such as around the pool. They are often used to create feature walkways, decorative ponds, water fountains, rooftop gardens, and beautiful, relaxing Zen gardens. More and more people are starting to utilize Mexican landscaping pebbles to create innovative roofing solutions. Mexican beach pebbles garden can practically last forever once installed. Sun, rain, ice, or snow won’t affect them. You can choose from various different sizes from mm-sized, inches, and boulders.

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What Are Your Color Options?  What works best for SOuthwest Florida?

When you decide to change the look of the exterior of your home, there is plenty of options for you to choose from. Beach pebbles, particularly Mexican beach gravel are steadily climbing the ladder as one of the more popular landscaping materials to utilize in your garden for a great all-year-round feature. 


Epic Stoneworks Beach Pebbles color samples. Choose dimensions & quantity here

Mexican beach rock landscaping is considered as a low-maintenance material, they are not only beautiful but also help homeowners to save money on water costs. Choosing the right color can sometimes be difficult, some of the things to consider include where you live, the look that you are aiming for, and, of course, your personal preference. 

The colors available range from grey (with blue undertones) to buff, tan, ivory, brown, and slightly red or green. With the variety of colors you have it’s easy to create any atmosphere you want, whether it’s forest, Zen, dessert, or beach it can be achieved using these stunning pebbles. 

Top Tips To Use MEXICAN Beach Pebbles To Design Your Garden 

Create Artistic And Unique Landscape Designs for the Florida Coast

Using black Mexican Beach pebble will make any planting or flower beds with color pop and create a dramatic statement feature in your garden. Whether you use black pebbles in a bright white container with some bright yellow flowers or use them in a simple and relaxing  Zen garden, black Mexican Beach pebbles are a great base for making the color in your garden stand out from the crowd. 


Color, texture stone and beach pebbles. Get creative!

If you’re looking for a more permanent feature in your landscaping design, why not embed them in some mortar to create a decorative mosaic walkway or seating platform. You could alternate the colors and utilize colored stones and marbles too. A patio with this effect is sure to be a beautiful, talking point at any garden gathering you host. 

Utilize Beach Pebbles Instead of Mulch

Pebbles are a fantastic element that you can add to your garden that can be utilized as an extremely environmentally-friendly mulch. It dramatically cuts down on the need to use weed killers, and if you also add a layer of plastic underneath it will help to prevent any grass from poking through. Pebble mulches also don’t harbor insects and diseases, don’t rob the soil of nitrogen and other vital nutrients, and is also fire-resistant. Try adding a layer of pebbles around the foundation of any plants. A really nice effect is to create a contrasting look between dark or light stones and the color of your exterior walls. 

Create Beautiful Coastal Walkways 

Beach pebbles are easy, low-maintenance, and relatively well-priced. So it makes them a great choice for walkways that receive light to moderate traffic. However, if you are choosing to use Mexican beach pebbles, it’s worth noting that they can be a little more expensive because of the way they are sourced, nonetheless, they make for beautiful walkways that you can stride across barefooted. You could even use a mix of regular beach pebbles and offset some black hues from Mexican beach pebbles by simply layering them between a border of lighter pebbles, stone pavers, or red brickwork. 


Beach pebbles are easy, low-maintenance, and relatively well-priced. So it makes them a great choice for walkways

Enhancing Water Features for Southwest Florida

If you really want to add a creative feature that accentuates the smooth and shiny appearance of Mexican beach pebbles, look no further than creating a beautiful walk feature in your garden. You can easily add a sparkling touch to your backyard waterfalls, fountains, and ponds from using any kind of beach pebble, however, Mexican Beach pebbles are particularly special. 


Add a sparkling touch to your backyard waterfalls, fountains, and ponds from using any kind of beach pebble.

Another interesting way to add this sort of feature to your garden is to layers the pebbles in the dry areas of your garden, trying to recreate the ripples you see in neutral flowing waters. Lay them in various patterns, shapes, and use different sizes. When it rains you will be mesmerized by the easy, yet elegant water feature you have created in your garden home. 

Beach Pebbles can make your garden look elegant, relaxing, and high-end, especially if you choose to create a Mexican beach pebble garden with carefully placed features. The only disadvantage of using Mexican beach pebbles in your garden is they are slightly more expensive than other choices, meaning they may not be ideal if you are on a budget or a good choice for every single project in your landscaping design. 


Because of their high-end nature, you can only expect great results and an upmarket look to your garden. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us today, we are here to help and provide you with a quote to get the perfect beach pebbles for your next pebbles landscaping project.