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side of building made with Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Our Hemingway stone emits a shining white light across your house’s landscape.

A wall built of Oolite Veneer

Oolite Veneer

The oolite veneer delivers a natural look for your landscapes walls. With its porous quality, our oolite is sure to provide your project with a stand out feature.

Epic StoneWorks is the leading purveyor in Florida of Mexican Beach Pebbles, Coral Stone, and Oolite.

Oolite are the sedimentary rocks from ooids. Ooids are spherical grains made up of concentric layers. Unlike complete bed construction stone products, it has a thin veneer that saves time by making a building work efficiently. We can build oolite wall veneers without a footing or brick shelf, unlike conventional 4″ thick building stone.

In South Florida, Epic Stone Works offers some of the best and most affordable oolite stones, which are ideal for landscape walls, coastal stone veneer retention walls, and other projects. 

What Is So Special About Oolite Block?

The Florida Oolite Stone comprises marine deposits, including quartz sand, fossiliferous limestone, and lime sandstone.

Bryozoans, mollusks, and corals are among the fossils found in the oolite block. Fossils frequently appear in molds and casts. It is quite porous and permeable, this Coral Stone. This coral stone, which has a tropical appearance, is used for bank or shore lining, walls, columns, and building veneer.

Due to the accessibility of rural terrain, southern Dade County oolite is the most common type of oolite. Graveyard stone, also known as gables oolite, is distinguished by deep fissures and rust veining. Because of its porosity, it can only be spade faced in thicknesses over 3 inches and is only available in limited quantities.

Oolite is volatile and demands professional installation, which goes beyond what most commercial or household tile layers require.

Oolite Products

Our oolite exterior stone wall products include the Hemingway Roughface Veneer and Oolite Veneer.

Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Hemingway Dense Oolite exhibits the affluent old-Florida vibe reminiscent of Key West and Ernest Hemingway. The Lower Keys of the Florida Keys and a few barrier islands in the East of Miami that border Biscayne Bay are mostly made of oolite, formed when shallow waters covered the area. Shell and plant fossils, quartz sand, coral sand, coral, and fossiliferous limestone make up a portion of oolites. We mine Hemingway Dense Oolite at the southernmost point of Florida.

We offer Hemingway Dense Oolite in a wide range of configurations for nearly any use. The following are among them: Flagstone, Full and Thin Building Veneer, Cobble, and Strips. The following finishes are available for Hemingway: Split Face, Smooth Face, Brushed Face, and Natural Rough Face. We also offer Hemingway as a coping and paver.

Hemingway coral stone makes for a fantastic swimming pool decking product since it never gets too hot even when subjected to direct sunlight and has a naturally non-skid surface. There are countless design options when Keystone, Hemingway Dense Oolite, and Caribbean Corallina are combined.

Oolite Veneer

Your landscape walls will have a natural appearance thanks to our oolite wall veneers. The product will give your project a distinctive element due to its porous characteristics. We only offer custom cuts of this stone. If you’re searching for wall veneers around the Miami area, Epic Stoneworks is the leading source in entire South Florida. We will deliver your order in the exact nature and condition you request.

Why Choose Epic Stoneworks for Natural Stone Veneers in South Florida

Epic Stoneworks, based in South Florida, is the principal source for Oolite Veneers for your entire construction, architectural, and landscaping needs. You may trust that, as a leading natural stone supplier, we can meet all of your requirements with high-quality materials.

To provide our customers with the highest quality stones that nature offers, we work with other domestic and foreign stone quarries as an addition to our internal production. This guarantees that we provide a wide selection of products from which our customers can select those that best suit their needs.

Urban and rural authorities accept all our walling products and services, which are real, beautiful, and durable. Our team of experts is always ready to take a keen eye on all your needs and walk you through our services to make the buying process as easy as possible.

Oolite Wall Veneer Supply Near Miami

Masons concur that thin stones require less preparation and may be installed more quickly and easily. Unlike thin wall veneers, which vary in thickness from 3/4″ to 2″ based on the style you select, complete bed materials have a thickness of 4″ to 6″. 

Despite being lightweight, the stone is made entirely of natural stone from quarries. Avoid confusing our products with produced or cultured stones. Our oolite veneers are genuine, authentic, natural stone through and through; they include neither aggregate concrete nor synthetic hues. We are proud distributors of oolite veneer products from several quarries in the Cutler Bay (Miami / South Miami) regions. Contact us today for a consultation and to book your oolite wall veneers.